a thankful season.

Feeling pretty healthy and feeling pretty pumped about running these days. Not at all in a 'I'm running faster than ever and PRing and breaking down records kind of way' but in a 'I absolutely love the way it feels when I'm running' kind of way. Like when I'm sitting at my desk and I'm thinking, "Gee, I wish I were running right now." Or when I'm at a stoplight and I'm watching someone running


I get a little jealous. My heart smiles and my legs really want to join in.

My running dates with friends have been priceless - my friendships have grown beyond what I could expect as so many regular runs have given me a chance to find confidantes, allies, and mentors. Whether it is running up mountains or just charging up Morehead... I find myself wrapped up in the laughter and the stories we tell each other. I never want to miss a run because I don't want to miss an opportunity for a kind of "fellowship" - a kind of something special - a kind of synthesis of things I love most: quality time spent with others and, of course, running. I'm even enjoying the times when it is just me. Just me and the road and the sidewalks and my thoughts and my non-thoughts. Coming in from running a solo 18 miler this weekend, I told my husband, "I have no idea what I thought about." I really couldn't remember - I was so zoned OUT/tuned IN that I just couldn't recall. I remembered snorting an energy chew (first time for everything) because chewing and breathing heavily are not two things I do well together. But as for the rest of the run... I was just running. Remembering the turns to follow the out and back... being patient and running easy.

I tried to say Good Morning or Hi or wave(or at least smile when the fatigue was creeping in) to all the runners I encountered. Even if I never get anything back (which happens more and more frequently these days) - I still try to acknowledge another runner's presence and efforts and passions. Maybe they don't even really like running - maybe they are just making up for eating too many donuts or drinking too much beer - I don't really care. I want to say good morning or smile or wave at them because they are running and I am running and that means we are sharing one tiny fraction of a moment in this very busy, very hectic, very full life that we all lead. Why not share a little enthusiasm?

My sister signed up for her first 5k in over 13 years - I've been so happy about it that I feel like I've been floating just a little bit. When she texted me that she was doing mile repeats the other day - I felt a grin just creep up and spread across my face. In a couple of weeks, after years of rollercoastering ups and downs before we settled into the loving and ever-supportive friendship we have today, I'll be standing there on the sidelines cheering for her. No where else I would rather be.

I've signed up for my very first 50k, the New River 50k, and I'm a bundle of excitement. I can't wait to be out there in the cool, crisp air - traversing the winding, gravel paths underneath canopies of hue-changing leaves. It will be beautiful even if it rains - the misty, eerie fog that dots a landscape like that is something to behold. I can't wait. I have some long runs to do before we get there... but other than that, I'm ready.

Until next time...

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  1. I couldn't find your email address so hopefully this gets to you! Thank you for the sweet comment on my blog about the fabrics...it made my morning. I hope you have a great day and thank you again for taking the time to write those sweet words! -Allison www.cluckclucksew.com